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We can't possibly explain all that we do, nor should we on our webpage, below are our conversation starters.

Strategic Consulting

Stand out or fit in, not both. In today's competitive regulatory physician acquisition, recruitment, and retention marketplace, organizations must not only have an effective, efficient, and progressive program in place – they must stand out. A comprehensive balance of art and science is needed to win.

With the arrival of the employed physician model, understanding the need for interoperability between key functional areas such as HR, business development, finance, administration and payer credentialing, marketing, and operations cannot be understated.

Let our team Our 20+ years of experience bring to bear best in class solutions for you to win swiftly.

Program Analysis – Medical Staff Development Planning - Optimization.

Physician Network Development

Provider relationships - become a "Trusted Advisor." Target and engage your medical staff and community practices through our proven market intelligence and outreach program. Provider network business intelligence is a significant competitive advantage. VeritasHealthCare has every provider in the US in our database, let us help you build your network.

Building relationships with physicians in your network, it cost 6 to 7 times as much to recruit than to retain. Economic gardening is cultivating relationships in your back yard.

Data, Information, Knowledge: POWER

Make better, smarter, and faster business decisions  by taking business intelligence (BI)to the next level. Innovations from our teaming partner Ki provide analytic capabilities providing healthcare business leaders relevant information needed to drive business forward and manage risk.

Don't know where to start, don't have much data? No worries, we do! Veritas has a data record on nearly every physician in the US with enough information to get you started and we are glad to share. Data relevance is in the hands of the beholder, that's the nature of intell. Our BI solution enables your team to gather additional intell over time thereby creating value potential throughout your organization.

Start turning your data into information you can use almost immediately with the confidence.

  • Manage relationships with existing Medical Staff
  • Identify and build relationships with physicians not on staff but in your service area

The business of healthcare is all about relationships between data and people. We provide the technology infrastructure and consulting experience to kick-start these relationships. By building rich profiles within Ki, you can have a powerful fine-grained, fact-checked compendium of the most influential people and the inter-personal affiliations that connect them. Connect the dots invisible to the naked eye that are buried in their latent connections. Because people are all interlinked, Ki increases the likelyhood of extracting value from your network.

Nearly all executives agree client relationships are essential in hitting revenue targets, yet only 25% bother to track them, less than 5% pursue them strategically.

Technology & Metrics

With our award winning teaming partner, KontactIntelligence (Ki), Veritas has available the industry leader in software. Ki is the most comprehensive software solution available built specifically to manage and drive reporting/metrics  critical to compete in this volatile healthcare environment.

Ki combines Customer Relationship Management, Applicant Tracking, business Intelligence, and much more into one application.

Provider Focused Solutions

Veritas also works directly with physicians and APP's by working with new technology solutions such as MedCV.

This technology App is designed specifically to be an electronic Vault they control where Providers can keep up with their CME, store all their credentialing information, search for jobs, and even promote their practices.

The MedCV platform can also be private labeled and customized for medical associations and societies, our clients medical staff membership, or provider network organizations such as health plans. An example is our work with the American Association of Surgical Physician Assistants ( Each member of the Association gets their own Vault.

Physician Practice Acquisitions/Sales

With the uncertainty of healthcare and reimbursement, there is significant activity by groups to sell to hospitals and larger regional or national organizations. Veritas works with venture capital partners that serve as the third party financial advisors to help hospitals and medical groups navigate through the complexities associated with mergers and acquisitions.

With a primary focus on the Sell Side, our team works with clients to develop a strategy to sell or divest their practices. The team  works with the client throughout the sales process to minimize the amount of interference on the everyday operations of the business business. Our VC teaming partner has the capabilities to maximize shareholder value by tapping into their extensive network of institutional and strategic investor relationships.

From developing the initial sales strategy to negotiating the optimal deal structure, our team will lead you through the entire sales process. Our primary focus currently is in the following specialties:

  • Radiology
  • Anesthesiology
  • Primary Care
  • Urgent Care
  • Other

We leverage our experience in healthcare M&A, in order to maximize the multiple and minimize the migraine. We know what information suitors are looking for during the due diligence process and work with practices to streamline the flow of information to thetarget acquirer(s). 

From NDA's to our high security data rooms, confidentiality and data integrity are of the utmost importance to VeritasHealthCare. Your vast amount of due diligence documentation is safe in our hands and on our vault of servers.

Marketing, Branding, and Sourcing

Selling your brand to physicians. We understand this industry and we understand what drives Physicians and Advanced Practice Providers (Providers). Physician recruitment typically makes the first impression for a system. We assist in messaging, ad design, branding, sourcing campaign, direct mail, conference coordination, and social media expertise. Get to market quickly, engage Providers faster and more effectively with cross-channel, interactive media resources.

Staffing & Recruitment Support Services

Veritas offers a range of staffing and recruitment support services for select clients. We hit the ground running when time is of the essence until the in-house program takes over or as needed where clients choose from an al-la-carte menu of services as needed.

Veritas can even provide a virtual in-house temporary support function for Physician & Executive Search Services to manage urgent needs in key specialties and administration, we will be glad to talk to you about our flexible options. When an urgent need for an Executive/ Physician leader strikes your organization, finding the right partner is the difference between frustration and success. We possess a proven track record of achievement, with the tenure of placed candidates above the national average.

To view Opportunities currently being supported by Veritas:

In-House Program Development

Flexibility - If the desire is to build an in-house physician recruitment and/or retention program, Veritas can tailor a program to meet your needs. We can build the entire program from scratch, even recruit and/or train staff to ultimately facilitate the program.

Urgency - We can also provide our virtual dedicated outsourced Physician Recruitment (Recruitment Process Outsourcing - RPO) solution where we "wear the t-shirt" so to speak and though technically a contracted in-house service. Either way our clients benefit from having the very best professionals at their disposal to quickly build and operate your best in class program.

Healthcare reform is driving the dynamics of provider recruitment and retention into uncharted territories - Competition for physician and advanced practitioner professionals is growing. Based on more than 3 decades building in-house programs and working in partnership with in-house recruiters, we have developed diversified services tailored to meet your unique – and evolving – needs.

Claims Processing

Between 2007 and 2013, Veritas provided support to ensure efficient and accurate claims processing functions by performing analysis of claims data, pricing validation, reporting, trending and process improvement activities.

In 2007, Veritas subcontracted with Humana Veterans Healthcare Services to provide fiscal intermediary services in support of the Department of Veteran Affairs Healthcare Effectiveness through the 6 year Resource Optimization demonstration project for Veterans integrated Services Networks. This initiative was further supported by one of the nations leading claims processing organization, PGBA. PGBA provides high-volume claims management and customer service for nearly 6 million health plan members each year.

Our Skills

Our team comes with hands on strategic planning, operational, and technology experience. We more than suggest solutions, we can operationalize what is needed, fast.


We are pretty good at building physician relationship models 

Recruitment & Retention

Help you build your in-house Recruitment & Retention program. It costs 6-7 times as much to recruit than to retain. Retention and loyalty conversion ... relationships

Technology & Data

We love servers and stuff.  We can deliver the industry leading technology & data.


Admittedly, our sense of humor could use some help. The first step is to admit we need help.

A Little About Us

A full service consulting and technology firm.

VeritasHealthCare is a veteran-owned small business. Formed originally as a staffing firm after 9/11 in partnership with Humana Military Healthcare Services, to support the urgent need to back-fill for active duty military medical personnel being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today our services focus on strategic consulting, outsourced services, and technology specifically tailored to supporting our clients need to build relationships with physicians and advance practice providers (APP's).

VeritasHealthCare is your experienced, knowledgeable colleague/partner offering a new range of Recruitment, Retention, Technology, and Data Solutions.

Our strong military past performance. As a government contractor, Veritas has been honored to have been awarded several DoD and VA contracts over the years. Veritas is a certified Veteran Owned Small Business.

 Certified Veteran Owned Small Business

Engage one – or all – of these components to achieve the results of a high-performing recruitment and retention staff.

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