The Private Client Program is offered to exclusive client partners by KontactIntelligence and/or through our sister company VeritasHealthCare, Inc.

VeritasHealthCare (Veritas) delivers best practices solutions in recruitment, retention, technology implementation and candidate sourcing coupled with a seasoned recruitment team comprised of executive level in-house recruitment professionals.

Full Physician Recruitment Service:

VeritasHealthCare Physician Recruitment delivers the foremost recruitment experience that brings to bear our extensive resources focused on your immediate needs.

Veritas is not your typical recruitment firm

Physician Owned - Growing to 20 physician owners.

Physician Led – Our physician owners have tremendous insight as to how best to help other physicians.

Physician Vetted - All candidates are Physician Vetted.

In-House Physician Recruitment Executive Management Team - All experienced executive in-house physician recruitment, retention, and business development professionals from large prestigious academic and commercial health systems.

KiUltraLite ATS Included

Implemented for every project, our proprietary industry leading Applicant Tracking System software, KontactIntelligence (Version: KiUltraLite) will be set up. All sourcing, candidates, vetting, notes, process tracking, and reporting will be done in the Client account for projects assigned to Veritas but the client will also be able to use KontactIntelligence (Ki) to manage all other projects. After Veritas has successfully completed projects assigned, the client can opt to subscribe and keep using Ki. Should the client wish to upgrade at any time from KiUltraLite they may, the then current pricing will apply based on which version and features the client desires.


All Ki sourcing technology suite of resources are included:

  • Job Postings on all of our proprietary job boards and physician focused solutions.
  • Client branded version of our KiNetics Portal Page will be built which will assist in promoting the client opportunities on line and Google analytics.
  • KiBsender, our Automated Mobile Optimized Candidate Sourcing technology is included for Veritas assigned projects. Client can also use this technology from within Ki, standard pricing will apply.
  • Veritas Candidate Databases: MedData411, KiNPI, and KiProvNet

Virtual In-House Physician Recruitment Support:

We can also provide our virtual dedicated outsourced Physician Recruitment (Recruitment Process Outsourcing - RPO) solution where we "wear the t-shirt" so to speak though technically a contracted in-house service. We offer a range of recruitment services for select clients. From full services where we hit the ground running when time is of the essence until the in-house program takes over or as needed where clients choose from an al-la-carte menu of services to include training and creating tools for the in-house staff so as to be able to titrate the use of the RPO support on an on-going basis to zero as well as to reduce or eliminate the need to use third party recruitment firms.

Pricing - Absolute best value in the industry!!!

With our broad service offering, our nationally recognized team delivers industry-leading results. At all times, we are committed to your success as your dedicated partner. This commitment is the reason why healthcare organizations are turning to Ki and Veritas to solve their Provider needs.

Our select Private Client Program clients benefit from having the very best professionals at their disposal to quickly deploy recruitment solutions to help build and operate best in class in-house programs.

Healthcare reform is driving the dynamics of provider recruitment and retention into uncharted territories - Competition for physician and advanced practitioner professionals is growing. Based on more than 3 decades building in-house programs and working in partnership with in-house recruiters, we have developed diversified products and services tailored to meet your unique – and evolving – needs.